Bluevine Studio

Kat James is a designer, interior contractor and artist as well as the entrepreneurial force behind BLUEVINE STUDIO. With an artist’s eye and core values centered around conscious sustainability, she selects and supplies textiles, surfaces, wall treatments, furniture, fixtures, and all commercial interior materials for hospitality and retail environments while maintaining meticulous sustainable standards in materials selection, using renewable resources, and jobsite management.

Originally from the Bay Area, she began her career working as a corporate art consultant and gallery director in the East Bay in Black Hawk. Kat leveraged her degree in design as well as her fine arts background to cultivate an interiors consultancy for office, restaurant, and luxury-driven residential environments, while maintaining her artistry through private commissions. As Kat’s management and marketing skills pushed her business forward, she elected to add marketing management and design to her skill set. As a side obsession Kat was a picker of farm implants, funky old metal or unusual fixtures to repurpose into furniture or art that she sold at Sienna Petaluma, Ca.

Kat enlarged her scope to execution and project management of full marketing campaigns while relocating to Portland and working with clients such as OPB, PSU, and GE Imagination at Work. As a project manager, Kat provided consultation on company structure and management strategy while overseeing creative teams. Looking to create community in her new home, Kat also founded Portland Female Executives, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the connection and advancement of women in business that is now in it's 11th year. Continuing her consultancy she was sought to manage projects for Hurley, Nike, Chip & Pepper, Target, Farm Aide, Converse, Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, and Jantzen Before starting Bluevine Studio's to roll her management, design and arts back ground together she spent time with Perry Ellis, Jantzen Swimwear and Tommy Hilfiger as a cad drafter, textile designer and colorist. Bluevine is an accumulation of all of Kat's diverse passions and interest and it looks like welding and electrical is next one the list. Don't be surprised if you see her pull up in high boots with blueprints in a back pack on her Dyna Low Harley Davidson.

Kat James: Interior Design Contractor