Bluevine Studio

The Employee Lounge

The Heathman Hotel
Portland, Oregon

Services: Full Demo to the walls and concreat floor and turn this depressing hole in the basement into a true Lounge that envited relaxation and community umung employes.

Project: I was given full creative license to go wild again here. Thank you Heathman group for letting me play play play. I loved this project. I blue out the little prison style window nd scored a 10foot long arched wondow to open the wall to a feel of space beyone the room. Blacking out all the ceiling duct work would suprise you how it CAN add a feel of volume and openess to a room. Contemporary sleek lighting and even blown glass lights over the bar give it the upscale feel of a contemporary cafe. All new energy efficient appliances, eco flooring and a custom recycling station make caring about the environment easy and encourage.

Results: Score! Employees love love love this new space and all the negative ney sayers that I interviewed going in that said "i never use the break room here, are you kdding me.... They are not frequent members of "The Lounge" I big screen TV can bean seen from the sectional backed by a wall mural of an interactive world map. The Map invites a diverse group of employees to share experiences or events from around the world. Clocks around the kitchen reflect times in many of the countries staff members are from and the apple red and green playful colors agains the funk salvage built tables add energy and funk to the space.